Experience of use Potencialex

Alexey, Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan

My experience with the Potencialex capsules is positive. The erection enhancer saved me from breaking up with my girlfriend.

How to use Potencialex capsules: my experience

A year and a half ago I began to notice that a certain weakness was beginning in the sexual sphere. He had a normal girlfriend with whom everything was fine in bed. But the wild tension at work, constant stress, unhealthy foods led to genital problems. At first it seemed that it was just fatigue: I don't want sex, my friend's attempts to stimulate me did not give the desired effect. They began to have conflicts often, swear. Sex was still present in our lives, but it gave me less pleasure. And when one day I just didn't get up, my friend made a fuss, saying that she didn't love her anymore and that she had another. My condition was strange: a complete lack of sexual desire and constant lethargy.

Potencialex Capsules for the full course

I went to a specialist who diagnosed me with the initial stage of erectile dysfunction. The advice of the specialist was different: start playing sports, normalize the regimen, get enough sleep and eat well. Also, he advised taking pills to increase libido and improve potency. He recommended several names to me, of which I remembered, in addition to the well-known ones, Potencialex capsules. Having studied the information on the Internet, after reading a review about this food supplement, I opted for this safe drug.

Potencialex practical application

I was attracted by the natural composition, without any chemistry, as well as the convenient way to take: 1 tablet a day. I ordered the Potencialex packaging on the official website by filling out the form. A guy called me back, which I liked too. It is easier to discuss such a purchase with a guy. I received the products in the mail a few days later and paid only after receiving them. They didn't ask me for money up front. Received, unpacked, studied the instructions and began to take strictly in accordance with him.

first intake of capsules Potencialex

The first impression of taking the drug is a mannequin. I did not feel any change in my own body in the first days, my friend was also angry and I did not stop trying to satisfy her in bed. She took the capsules hard and waited for a miracle. And it happened: After about 7-10 days, I noticed that my mood started to improve. I became more cheerful, stopped feeling tired at the end of the workday, and started taking myself home, where a girl was waiting for me.

Yet he was afraid of disappointment, remembering past failures in bed. I decided for myself: until I finish drinking the entire course (20 days), there can be no privacy. I convinced my girlfriend to go with my mother for a week and he started getting bored and getting ready for her reunion.

When he returned from his trip, our meeting became the most shocking event of our life in recent years. My cock was hard and ready to go. After sex, which lasted most of the night, she sobbed with happiness and apologized for her doubts.


The drug Potencialex is a mild and safe dietary supplement to increase potency and improve erection. The effect is not instantaneous, like that of Viagra itself, but I did not notice the side effects. It helped me to support the body at the time when the first problems with sex appeared. It is better to drink in a course, the effect is cumulative. But after I finish taking the drug, the effect of the drug continues for a long time - six months have passed, and I am still cheerful and warm.


  • Convenient form of administration: 1 capsule per day.
  • Soft and natural preparation.
  • It works without side effects.


  • It cannot be purchased at a regular pharmacy.